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Experience the Bladeless Revolution

Introducing the World's First Truly Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Enhanced Ventilation & Purification

Circulates 100% of the Air in a Room Every 25 Seconds

Feel the Difference of Superior Air Flow

And Eco Friendly, Energy Savings Year-Round

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Go Bladeless

Enjoy extraordinary levels of comfort and unmatched energy savings with our patented 360° Laminar Airflow Vortex technology. The world’s first and only eco-friendly bladeless fan with dimmable LED lights will balance your room’s temperature wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling to provide never-before-seen luxury and energy savings in the ceiling fan industry!

Why Go Bladeless?


Energy Efficiency

Say ‘goodbye’ to exorbitant power bills

Exhale Fans pay for themselves in as few as 18 months! Current research indicates that you could save 23%-38% on your HVAC system operation. Fewer cycles on your HVAC system result in lower heating and cooling bills.

The Exhale is 34″ wide and just 7.25″ tall. The Fan is for indoor applications for home and business, including vaulted, trey, and cathedral ceilings, low ceilings, false ceilings, and basements. See our customer photos!


360° Laminar Airflow

Experience the vortex

Exhale Fan’s patented 360° Laminar Airflow Vortex ensures air is not simply directed straight down like a traditional ceiling fan. Instead, air is moved throughout the room in a 360° horizontal flow.

This cyclical airflow multiplies, mixing all of the air in the room to a uniform temperature that can feel 4 degrees cooler (or warmer in reverse), keeping you, your family and guests comfortable all year! 


Room Illuminating

LEDs light up the room

Exhale Fans feature room illuminating LEDs in a choice of cool(6000k) or warm white (3000k) light spectrums.

Lights are dimmable to 20% of their full brightness or can be turned off completely; they use only 15 watts.

Our included remote allows complete control of fan speed and LED brightness. 

How It Works


What our customers say

“Wonderful product and easy to install. Exhale ceiling fans could be the bladeless air moving gadget you have been looking for. A big thank you to the team.”

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“I bought this product early September, received quickly, easy to install, very quiet, ventilation very homogeneous, consumes almost nothing and with the option led with dimmer, it is really very good. Moreover the welcome and the professionalism of Exhale Europe is excellent. This product is the top of the top.
Tiery Louis

“Our new Exhale Fan with light sits perfectly above our pool table. It is quiet, creates a breeze that doesn’t interfere with the game (like a regular fan would). We couldn’t be happier with it!”


“New bladeless ceiling fan installed and loving it. The dimmable LED light is a very nice touch.”


“The Light is better and brighter than I could have imagined.”


“Why aren’t Exhale Fans everywhere? Best sleep ever!”


“We love our Exhale Fans! Thank you for this amazing product.”


“A room without an Exhale Fan does not feel the same anymore.”


“Thanks Exhale Fans, you make waking up for work even more difficult now.”


“Netflix, Chill and Exhale Fans is the new norm!”


“18 months ROI… more like 12!”


“Winters in Vermont are very cold. My house burns wood for heating our boiler. The Exhale Fans in our home have saved us $1,000 in one winter season and we burned 40% less wood. Simply Amazing!”


“I suffer from severe allergies and the Exhale Fans helps reduce my sinus attacks making my home life much more enjoyable and has helped reduced my snoring.”


“We cant have bladed fans in our home because our son suffers from epileptic seizures caused by the flashing light from a bladed fan. Exhale Fans don’t have any light strobing effect with its bladeless design. Thank you Exhale Fans for helping our child live a more comfortable life.”