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Ceiling fans have not gone through any real innovation for over 100 years, Exhale Fans is here to change all that with the introduction of a ceiling fan without blades!

Our bladeless fan utilizes the science of laminar flow. This translates into an uninterrupted 360° airflow, generating less noise and bringing pure comfort to any room. The gentle vortex that is created transforms your space by producing an airflow that passes over you from the side, rather than straight down. For more information about the Exhale ceiling fan please visit the innovation page: See The Innovation

Exciting News! Our first container has cleared customs and is on the way to our facility.

I am excited to report that our first container arrived in the port of LA in late December and has officially cleared customs. The container is currently on its way to our facility and will arrive late next week. When the fans arrive we will be opening every box and conducting a 2nd quality control step to ensure that everything has gone well during the shipping process. We will be shipping fans starting the week of the 20th through the end of the month of January...
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Exhale Fans Container

Exhale Fans is breaking convention with our bladeless fan and introducing our ceiling fan to the market to meet the need of additional comfort as well as appeal to the sophisticated designer in all of us.