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Enjoy extraordinary levels of comfort and unmatched energy savings with our patented 360° Laminar Airflow Vortex technology. The world’s first and only eco-friendly bladeless fan with dimmable LED lights will balance your room’s temperature wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling to provide never-before-seen luxury and energy savings in the ceiling fan industry!




Say ‘goodbye’ to exorbitant power bills.

Exhale Fans pay for themselves within 18-24 months. Current research indicates that you could save almost 23%-38% on your HVAC system operation. Fewer cycles on your HVAC system results in lower heating and cooling bills.

Smooth Spinning discs reduce the load on the motor reducing energy consumption compared to traditional pitched/angled discs. 


360° Laminar Airflow

Experience the vortex.

Exhale Fans utilize a patented 360° Laminar Airflow Vortex ensures air is not simply directed straight down. Instead, air is moved throughout the room in a 360° horizontal flow. This cyclical airflow multiplies in effect mixing all the air in the room.

The Vortex airflow also stabilizes room temperature thereby reducing stress on your air conditioning or heating system.



The disc vs. blade comparison.

Thermal de-stratification is the mixing of all temperature variances within the room. Completely de-stratified air offers you a much better level of thermal comfort and control during both summer and winter seasons in non-conditioned spaces.

This vastly improves the efficiency of air-conditioning and heating systems.


It’s time to go bladeless, order online now!

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