Tilt Down Rod


Our Down Rods are custom made for the Exhale Fan to assure ease of installation and security.

This is the tiltable version. It can be installed onto any ceiling.

Dear Customer,
In order to respond to demand and assure the shortest time from order to delivery, we are pleased to introduce our new Reservation System. This will assure customers of a secure delivery position without full payment. This allows us the ability to schedule and receive at our factory all components of our fan.

How it Works

  • At the time of your reservation, a non-refundable $25.00 is made to secure your position in the order queue. We’ll send you a confirmation of the reservation via email. The Reservation Fee will be credited to your order when complete payment is submitted.
  • When we are within a 90-day time frame for delivery we will send you an email for the balance payment.
  • Once full payment is received a confirmation email for that order will be made to you.
  • When your order is tendered to FedEx you will receive a tracking number via email.

We have done our best to serve you in a system that has changed for manufacturers throughout the world. Thank you for your constant support for the past 7 years we have been making the Next Generation of Comfort which is the Exhale™️ Fan.

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