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Laminar Flow uses spinning discs to gently and efficiently move the air in a 360° flow. When air enters the discs of the Exhale Fan, it moves in an outward direction to all areas of the room providing a fresh breeze as well as a healthy and stable temperature throughout the room.

Snow White - Exhale bladeless fan

The 360° Vortex Airflow created by the Exhale Fans ensures that the air of the room remains in constant recirculation and stabilized temperature. The air in the room is continually recirculated every 25 seconds.

Thermal De-stratification is a key feature of our eco-friendly Exhale Fans, offering better thermal comfort and control in summer or winter in non-conditioned spaces.

This is important because room temperature variances create cooling and heating losses through ceilings, cold spots on floors and differing temperatures between walls; apart from increased HVAC running costs due to attempts to counteract this discomfort.

Thermal destratification is also one of the top three carbon reduction initiatives for buildings and homes.


Comparing Exhale Bladeless Fans With Traditional Ceiling Fans