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CW or CCW, What does it mean?

We have had this question many times. Our customers set their remote to CW, look up and see it rotating CCW. Is this correct? Yes. It is a matter of perspective. Looking down from the ceiling it is rotating CW as the remote indicates but looking up it is the opposite. Try taking a piece of paper and draw a clockwise circular arrow on both sides. Both arrows should be exactly in the same position on both sides. Just hold the paper up to a light and the drawings should be in the same location. Now look down at the paper and turn it CW. The arrow goes CW. Now look up at the paper and turn it CW. You will notice that it rotates CCW. It is just a matter if you’re looking down or up so our fans remote is correct.



  • Amy commented on October 30, 2017 Reply

    Do we want it on CW or CCW for the winter?

    • Charles Blackford commented on November 4, 2017 Reply

      Unlike a bladed fan which blows air up or down where CW or CCW impacts the air flow, our Exhale Fan doesn’t need to change direction for winter. Regardless of CW or CCW, our fans creates a vortex drawing the room’s air to the fan where the disks distribute the air in a 360 degree pattern. Our technology is designed to balance the air not blow it around.

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