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Exhale Fan’s Policies

As posted on our website, here are our policies.

Return policy

If for any reason the Exhale Fans product you have received does not meet your expectation, return it for a full product price refund once it received at our return facility. If returned, please return our fan in the original shipping box since, when our fans are improperly packaged, damage may occur which may affect your refund. If you feel our fan was damaged in shipment to you, please photograph the box when you receive it and email the photo to us immediately so we can address this with UPS. Unless specifically stated otherwise, there is no returns or refunds for clearance items.

Terms of Purchase

When you make a purchase and checkout, you have agreed to the terms of sale at the time of purchase including price and shipping. We reserve the right to offer various promotions at a later time but these will not apply to purchases you have already made. While there is no return, refund or rain checks for clearance items, our warranty still applies.


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