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What our customers are saying

The best product invented. Simply amazing and quite decorative as well. – Margie

Our new Exhale Fan with light sits perfectly above our pool table. It is quiet, creates a breeze that doesn’t interfere with the game (like a regular fan would). We couldn’t be happier with it! – Sandra

Just installed my new Exhale fan, and I LOVE it!!! – Jules

A BIG thanks to the folks at exhale fans! Wonderful product easy install! Total time spent installing from dropping the old fan to installing the exhale 25 min. – Martin

New bladeless ceiling fan installed and loving it. The dimmable LED light is a very nice touch. –Wrex

While doing some remodeling and looking for ideas, my wife stumbled across after watching some videos and getting more information, she decided she waned one. I on the other was against it. Of course, being married, I lost the battle. Today, our fan was finally installed. All I can say is WOW. Myself along with my contractor were completely amazed with the airflow this fan puts out. I highly recommend for people to put out the few extra dollars and be happy. A added bonus is the doesn’t hang down low. So swaying or ducking to prevent from running in low hanging fans are gone. – David

I bought 4 fans about 6 months ago for 4 different apartments. Everyone comments on how amazingly quiet they are. We have found that we are actually using the air conditioning less and the fans more. I have spoken to the company a couple of times to ask questions and their service is excellent.  I have nothing but praise for Exhale Fans. – Gary

We have purchased 4 Exhale Fans. We have birds and they do not go near them – regular ceiling fans are a safety concern. We are very pleased! – Terry

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