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Proving Energy Myths Wrong

What have you heard about heating and cooling?  Some of the myths are that turning down your heat at night (or while no one is home) won’t save energy because it will have to work harder in the morning, or that leaving a ceiling fan on while no one is around will keep a room cooler.

Neither or these are true!  Turning your heat down when sleeping or when away will save energy because the furnace isn’t running as hard to maintain a higher constant temperature.  Did you know that ceiling fans don’t cool the air, but instead, make you feel cooler?  You can save on your energy bill by turning off the fan during while you are away from the house.

So what are some other ways to save on energy? 

With bladed ceiling fans, you can change the direction the blades spin depending upon whether you want to circulate warm or cool air.  With Exhale Fans, the air is cyclonic and will work to move the air around in a seamless fashion.

For cooling in those summer months, increase the power of the ceiling fan.  Since it’s all about how it makes you feel, the stronger breeze will cool you better.  Also in the summer months, have your windows open.  Allowing fresh air to circulate and pushing stale air out will allow greater circulation.

Are you a believer?  Do you believe a ceiling fan can help save you money on your energy costs?  Exhale Fans wants to see you happy and cool or warm!  Contact us to for more information!

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