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7 Facts about Exhale Fans

So you’re thinking about an Exhale Fan?  You’ve made a great decision!  Here are 7 facts about Exhale Fans that you should know!

Fact 1: The Exhale Fan is modeled after Nikola Tesla’s bladeless turbine: writes, “The Tesla turbine is a bladeless centripetal flow turbine patented by Nikola Tesla in 1913. It is referred to as a bladeless turbine.”

Fact 2: The airflow is a vortex: The airflow profile makes the real difference on how you feel while in your space. Air exits the Exhale fan in all directions 360° horizontally and at a 45° angle. This unique airflow starts a gentle rotation of the air much like a vortex. The vortex airflow profile generated by the Exhale fan is unmatched in the ceiling fan industry. Air is not simply directed straight down, but moves around the room in a pleasant cyclonic flow.

Fact 3: Very quiet technology: The loudest this fan gets is equivalent to that of a quiet library!  Wow!

Fact 4: A design to meet the needs of any customer: Form does not always have to follow function. We have worked tirelessly to create a minimalist design without sacrificing performance. The Exhale fan fits comfortably in any room from the ultra-modern to traditional.

Fact 5: First ever truly bladeless technology: Utilizing the turbine design, we are able to circulate air without blades.  Say goodbye to the unsightliness of ceiling fans and the fear of the wobbly fan.

Fact 6: Inspired by innovation: “I started to take a look at the ceiling fans installed in my house and was unsatisfied with their look and performance. My wife and I decided it was time to replace our outdated ceiling fans, but were even more disappointed in the options that were available on the market. It was in that moment that inspiration struck.” – Nik Hiner, Inventor

Fact 7: So many colors: There are eight different colors and they a range.  From white, to pretty in pink, to fire engine red, to black, we can meet the needs of any potential customer (no matter the age or preference).


  • Zora commented on March 11, 2016 Reply

    I understand one cannot hang these fans like a pendant, and I’m aware they need to be hung flush to the ceiling, which means level on a flat ceiling. What would happen if I were to hang this fan flush against my 30-degree vaulted ceiling? Would it work (albeit with a 30-degree askew vortex) or would it be pointless?

  • Ronald commented on February 18, 2017 Reply

    Hi, can the fan be installed on false ceiling?

    • Charles Blackford commented on May 25, 2017 Reply

      Yes. Local hardware retail stores carry fan mounting kits for drop/false ceilings capable of supporting up to 50 lb load.

  • Jim Thorpe commented on March 16, 2017 Reply

    I order the exhale fan in January 2017 for February delivery for a customer. Now they telling me the fan would not be shipped till May 2017. Customer think I Ripped Her Off. Is this fan really worth the wait & the headache ?

    • Charles Blackford commented on May 24, 2017 Reply

      All open orders will ship on or before May 30, 2017. Exhalefans are now in stock. Please refer to the News/Blog section of our website.

  • BJ commented on March 31, 2017 Reply

    I am also interested in installation on a vaulted ceiling. Have you made modifications since the March 2016 posting above?

    • Charles Blackford commented on May 25, 2017 Reply

      Some of our customers have installed our fans using 3/4″ down rods capable of supporting up to 50 lb load.

  • admin commented on May 13, 2015 Reply

    Hi Lee,

    That is a great question.

    Low: 2 watts
    Level 2: 4 watts
    Level 3: 8 watts
    Level 4: 16 watts
    Level 5: 32 watts
    High: 50 watts

    We just launched our new website redesign if your are interested in additional information.

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