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Do You Smell Something Funny in Your House?

Have you ever walked into a house and thought, “What is that delicious smell?”  Conversely, have you ever had the opposite experience where you crinkled your nose and wanted to turn around and walk back out? 

Now a ceiling fan won’t fix the smell of a dirty room, but it can help manage some causes of smell. According to World Issues 360,

“Air that is circulated throughout the room is kept fresher and less humid, possibly helping to eliminate mold and mildew and musty smells in the room. Ceiling fans are also a great help in drying out furniture and carpets that have been shampooed.”

Of course, we don’t want to circulate all smells, but as mentioned above you can mange those not-so-nice smells with a ceiling fan.  Keep the air moving to manage moisture.  Keeping things drier will prevent the opportunity for mold and mildew to grow and avoid nasty smells.  Speaking of smells, how about some nicer ones???

Ahhhhh….the smell of baking bread, a roast in the oven, or roasted vegetables lightly tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper.  How about the smell of freshly baked chocolate cookies?  Some of these probably bring back memories of a loved one. Imagine if you could make that smell move a little beyond the kitchen.  By installing a ceiling fan in a nearby room, you can circulate the air (and the smells)!

Create an inviting space for family and friends, which is comfortable in temperature, humidity, and friendly to the nose.  All your loved ones will want to spend time with you at your place!


  • Kevin sheffield commented on January 25, 2015 Reply

    I have been thinking about this type of fan for years. Working in a retail environment, selling and installing the heavy, dust collecting, noisy fans it’s a delight to see a new take on this fan.
    I love the design and would like to see a bladless fan that is so easy to install that it only needs to clip onto the supporting electrical box. I’d also like it to filter the air and possibly take scent cartridges. It would be so cool if the ring was a led lighting system that would adjust the colour tempature to the ambient light. It would be cool if it had internal louvred to mimic natural breezes as well. It could also hang low or high not only to control the intensity of air flow but for the varying ceiling heights.
    And most of all it’s gotta look cool and come in different styles to suit any decor.

  • Romy commented on March 10, 2015 Reply

    We have your first production fan and it’s been great for our nursery. Completely silent!
    I would love to see the new model come with a high-quality air filter, preferably one that filters VOC’s.
    Thanks for designing such a great product! Looking forward to your new models.

  • Cecilia Nunez commented on April 24, 2015 Reply

    The above improvement sounds great. Color changing light, according to mood, would also be most perfect!

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