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Who Wants to Save Money on HVAC Costs

Who Wants to Save Money on HVAC Costs?

Did you know…

With proper use, ceiling fans can help lower the electric bill by up to 30% – 40%” –

It’s true! In the summer, you can drastically reduce your energy costs by moving the air in an upward motion.   If you experience those cold winter months, ceiling fan usage helps to circulate warm air that would otherwise be trapped at ceiling height.

According to, “Using your ceiling fan should allow you to turn down the furnace a few degrees. Heat tends to rise toward the ceiling where it doesn’t do much good. The ceiling fan will mix the warm air back into the room, meaning you’ll need the furnace to come on less often.”  Furthermore, they state:

“Use your ceiling fan instead of your air conditioner whenever possible. A ceiling fan is far cheaper to run than an air conditioner. There may be days when you need the AC but by reducing your use you’ll also be saving on your utility bill.  Use your ceiling fan in conjunction with your air conditioner. The air conditioner will remove the humidity from the room but the ceiling fan will circulate the air, helping the AC unit to do a more efficient job.”

Who doesn’t want to save money on heating and cooling costs?  Dependent upon where you live and the size of your home, these can be large expenses in your budget.  If a ceiling fan uses minimal energy but allows the air to circulate better, thus cooling or warming your space.

Let Exhale Fans improve the temperature in your room and positively impact your utility costs!

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