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The specs listed below are only where the story begins with our ceiling fan. The airflow profile makes the real difference on how you feel while in your space. Air exits the Exhale fan in all directions 360° horizontally and at a 45° angle. This unique airflow starts a gentle rotation of the air much like a vortex. The vortex airflow profile generated by the Exhale fan is unmatched in the ceiling fan industry. Air is not simply directed straight down, but moves around the room in a pleasant cyclonic flow.


The Exhale ceiling fan has a much smaller diameter at 34" when compared to the large ceiling fans on the market today. Using our high efficiency DC motor the calculated CFM at high speed is 3,186, or 91 CFM/watt. But these are just the specs, the real difference is the vortex profile created. Over time this airflow multiples as the Exhale runs, efficiently mixing the air, stabilizing the temperature in your home. This is why we are able to use a smaller fan at lower CFM than the larger air movers to do a better job of creating comfort.


The air passes over you from the side like you were experiencing a cool spring day with its fresh-feeling, calm breeze.

Fan Speed RPM Sound Analysis in dB
Low 80 33-35
Level 2 120 35-37
Level 3 160 36-38
Level 4 200 37-38
Level 5 240 38-41
High 280 40-43

* Readings were taken directly below the fan in the center of the room 3' above the floor.
-Baseline dB while fan was not running: 33-34

Threshold of pain 130
Threshold of discomfort 120
Chainsaw, 1 m distance 110
Loud Concert, 1 m from speaker 100
Diesel truck, 10 m away 90
Curbside of busy road, 5 m 80
Vacuum cleaner, distance 1 m 70
Conversational speech, 1 m 60
Average home 50
Quiet library 40
Quiet bedroom at night 30
Background in TV studio 20
Rustling leaves in the distance 10

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